Artful geographies

  • art and light

    Art and Light…

    20 December 2014

    A feminist logic of light? I have been having a great time recently thinking and writing about the relationship between art and light. Having been invited to contribute to an…

  • Cultural Geographies of Play Your Place

    Cultural Geographies of Play Your Place@Tate

    19 January 2014

    Working with Ruth Catlow from the digital media arts organisation Furtherfield, I was recently awarded a small AHRC grant, from London’s Creative Works, Creative voucher scheme to work on the…

  • Drawing Permanence and Place

    Drawing Permanence and Place

    1 January 2014

    One themes that seems to have come up time and again in both my exploration of historical creative geographies, as well as?contemporary creative geographies, has been drawing. Drawing was one…

  • Art and Environmental Encounters

    Art and Environmental Encounters

    1 January 2014

    Christina Della Giustina, a Swiss artist I was lucky enough to spend six months working alongside as part of a research ethnography, recently invited me to write a catalogue essay…