Collaboration/Publication : Centre for the GeoHumanities Mappazine


As part of the launch for the Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities  I have been working in collaboration with artist Luce Choules to develop a mappazine that show cases GeoHumanities projects at RHUL.

I first met Luce from folded sheet a few years ago at an RGS conference and we have been in touch ever since. I have really enjoyed looking through her various projects,many of which are presented through a wonderful editions and mappazines, all of which very beautiful objects. The launch of the Centre for the GeoHumanities gave me an excuse to commission her to help us produce something and it has been a really exciting process to explore how to lay these projects out in a conceptual way, and interesting to see the links between the projects evolve. The Centre is organised according to five themes; Environmental GeoHumanities; Creative GeoHumanities; Spatial GeoHumanities; Digital GeoHumanities and Public GeoHumanities. The mappazine features projects that engage with all these different areas.

For a paper copy please get in touch with me on