Part of my research involves  collaborative working on art exhibitions and projects. Exhibitions I have been involved with include:

Hacking Antiques: Connecting with Gertrude Recent work by Amy Houghton ( Spring 2011, Plymouth City Art Gallery).

This exhibition of works by artist Amy Houghton engages with the life of early twentieth century Gertrude Benham. Not alot of infomation survivied about Benham, who ‘knitted’ her way seven times around the world, funding her travels through her crafting practices.

For more on this exhibition you can read my catalogue essay,  Weaving Stories

Or you can go to Amy’s website: http://www.amyhoughton.co.uk/


The Creative Mapping project

Working with the Royal Geographical Society, the Institute for International Visual Arts and Tate Britain, I helped develop two exhibitions, Creative Compass, at the RGS, and Whose Map is it ? at Inivia. These projects collected together existing work and newly commissioned pieces to explore the charged relations and potential of creative mapping practices.

The exhibitions were accompanied by a symposium, ‘Crossing Borders’ and a series of public lectures.

For more on this project you can read my catalogue essay: creative_compass_catalogue_

Or follow the links below

Creative Compass (RGS, Summer 2010)

Whose map is it? (Institute for International Visual Arts (Iniva) London. Summer 2010).

Crossing Boundaries Symposium – bringing together geographers, artists and mapping professionals for a day of discussion at the RGS.

Creative Mapping: Heath Bunting in conversation with Harriet Hawkins-  I talk to the artist Heath Bunting about his work.

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