You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography


It is worth checking out “You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography” for a collection of interesting creative responses to geographic topics. Produced by the graduate students of the School of Geography and Development at University of Arizona the journal, which has been going since 1998, brings together geographers and creative practitioners, as well as geographers who have a creative practice. It is worth checking out their archives to explore issues on the urban, on mapping and dislocation as well as innovative themes such as “the power of four”.


The eye-catching cover (above) is taken from the 2014 issue, edited by Laura Sharp and Shelby Smith on “The Montage effect”. It is divided into three sections; “framing geographies of montage”, “montaging materialities” and the “psychic life on montage”. It includes a range of essays, creative writings, drawings and videos on themes of montage by geographers, arts and humanities scholars and practitioners. As the editorial notes the contributors explore how experiences of place have been expressed through montage, and how our “experiences of place are always already a montage effect, constructed by selection, variance, the cut, and the unseen” ( Sharp and Smith, 2014, 2).

Available in downloadable PDF and paper copy ( order from the website) it is well worth checking out.